Skills for the future of work

HTA Skill focuses on preparing young professionals, seasoned workforce, students and other working-age population to adopt and upgrade skills, mindset and knowledge, which are required (and will be required) to operate in the local and international business environments with integrity, innovation and economic growth

100+ skills

Business acumen, safety, compliance, technology, data analysis, digital transformation, language, vocational, leadership and management, sales, life skills and a long list of skill trainings available

Corporate & government

Trainings are available for corporates, government, K-12 initiatives, business owners, entrepreneurs, educators, trainers and several others

Multiple formats

Trainings are delivered in form of workshops, seminar, classroom training, webinar, remotely delivered training, simulators, mentoring, management games and outdoor training

TNA & consulting

Multiple training need analysis and related consultation is provided, such as, organizational, person and work analysis, training suitability and skill gap analysis

Training facility

Flexible and technologically advanced learning environments (space) that are safe, healthy, comfortable, aesthetically-pleasing are also available on request for your training program

Trainers & Certifications

Both internationally and locally-recognized and certified trainers, speakers, coaches, gurus, teachers, business veterans are engaged to deliver trainings

100+ Skills

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